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Summer Horseback Camp

Lantern Lane Farm Camp 2024

2024 Camp/ Clinics

Call or email us for Summer Camp, Clinics, and  Sesssions in Riding, Balance Seat, Horsemanship, Dressage, Jumping, Stable Management

Camp Cost

Full Camp Day: $500.00

Half Camp Day: $400.00

Camp age: Older than 5 years

Deposit – $200.00 is non-refundable, but can be used on another 2023 summer camp session. At the end of the summer camp season the money can be used for riding lessons until December 30, 2023. Payments can be made by check to Deborah Craig, PayPal or Venmo at accounty


Full day camp hours are 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Half day hours are 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Camper arrives at 8:30 am and work in teams to tack-up horses

One hour balanced seat riding lesson

Horsemanship lessons (hands-on care for the horse, safety around horses, horse behavior)

Lunch, Camp supervised free time, fun with friends 

Equestrian arts and crafts

Equine knowledge (horse breeds, origins, color, anatomy, psychology)

Stable check before departing to ensure horses have hay and water.

Camp Goals

Determine the goals of each camper

Build self-confidence

Plan activities to accomplish goals

Obtain knowledge, perform exercises, improve riding skills

Test riding and horsemanship skills

Demonstrate goals have been achieved

Participate in Camp Closing and Farewell Party for Parents who can attend

Camp Mountain View

Lantern Lane Farm offers seasonal riding programs and camps for children and teens to provide natural horsemanship, stable management, and riding experience and knowledge. Our goal is to give children an opportunity to learn all about the noblest of all creatures, the horse and pony.  To learn about the sensitive nature of horses, how to ride them, and how to be safe around them. Children will have daily riding lessons, as well as un-mounted lessons to teach them horsemanship skills and what is involved in caring for horses.

The Camp is directed by Debbie Craig, graduate of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre with degrees in Riding Master, Riding Instructor, and Camp Instruction.

Natural Horsemanship and Grooming in Fairfax Va
Horseback Dressage Lessons in Loundon County

Camp Activities

Campers will ride with a qualified riding instructor as well as learn all basic aspects of horsemanship. By the end of the week, Campers will have learned the basics of how to trot while on the lunge line and some ability to steer the horse around the arena. They will be able to identify the parts of the horse, saddle and bridle. They will have some knowledge of the names of the colors of horses and will be able to identify some of the American and European breeds of horses.

We developed a half day program for younger children who need to be picked up at lunch time. A safe schooled horse or pony will be provided for each child to ride, care for and love for the duration of camp. Special events may include arts and crafts, games on horseback, horse show for family, and drill teams depending on the riding level of the camper.

Equipment Needed

ATSM/SEI approved horseback riding helmet

Long stretchable pants (e.g. breaches)

Riding boots (not hiking boots)

Tall socks

Daily box lunch, two snacks, water bottle, and sunscreen.

A labeled backpack to keep their riding gear organized.

Sunscreen or other sun protection

Optional: Campers can bring shorts for after riding, but must wear their riding boots.


Not to Bring: Cell phones, athletic shoes or tennis shoes during camp


Horseback Riding Camp in Fairfax Virginia

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2023 Camp Enrollment

COVID Camp Notice

  • All Camp Adults and Leaders are fully vaccinated.
  • We fully support campers who choose to wear masks, however, masks are not required.
  • Stay home if you are sick or if a family member is sick.
  • Call or text message the Camp Leader if you or a member of your family has been infected so we can share with others.
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